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【拉丁学名】:Dalbergia odoriferaT.Chen


门:被子植物门             纲:双子叶植物纲
亚纲:原始花被亚纲         目:豆目
亚目:蔷薇亚目                科:蝶形花科
亚科:蝶形花亚科             族:黄檀族
属:黄檀属                    种:降香


保护级别:易危 (IUCN 2.3)
    另外一个重要的原因是海黄的含油( 降香油)的比例。经相关检测发现,海黄木最高含油量达到27%,而越黄木则只有0.5%。








Hainan Huanghua Pear (Red Chaff Pear)

Chinese Scientific Name 】:Hainan Huanghua Pear (Red Chaff Pear)

Latin name】:Dalbergia odoriferaT.Chen
Nickname (s)】 : Yellow pear, pear wood, incense wood, incense rosewood, incense rosewood

Kingdom: kingdom of plants

Phylum: Angiosperm

Class: Dicotyledon Class

Subclass: Proto-perianth

subclass: Pterygoptera

Suborder: Rose

subfamily: Papilionidae

Subfamily: Butterfly Flower

Subfamily: Dalbergia family

Genus: Pterocarpus

species: Aroma

Origin】 : Southwestern Hainan Island, China

Growing period】 : more than 20 years

Features】 : Wood is very stable

Protection Level: Vulnerable (IUCN 2.3)
   Hainan chrysanthemum pear is mainly grown in hainan island southwest low slopes, in dongfang field for the center area of huanghua pears best, so the name "hua", second ledong, ChangJiang, white sands, between 50 meters to 200 meters above sea level, because of its beautiful timber slow, solid wood, decorative pattern, there is a record of the ancient yellow rosewood and rosewood, chicken wing wood, wood tie li said China ancient four big reasons. It has always been ranked first among the four famous trees and is now a national second-class protected plant.
The difference between sea yellow and more yellow】
   Sea yellow has a delicate surface and a smooth, warm, jade - like feel, while Vietnamese pear is rougher in comparison. This phenomenon is mainly due to the texture of sea yellow cell tissue and very dense material structure.

Another important factor is the proportion of oil that sea yellow contains. Related tests found that the highest oil content of sea yellow wood reached 27 percent, while the yellow wood only 0.5 percent.

Aroma】 :

Sea yellow wood itself is a traditional Chinese medicine, there is a "falling fragrance" flavor, the fragrance is more dense and sweet warm and elegant; The more yellow fragrance is light, slightly sour after smelling. Additional, the time that sea yellow sends out fragrance is longer, play the hand chain after a week still can smell fragrance, and more yellow can smell less than what fragrance.

grimace】 :

People attribute sea yellow to having a "grimace". In fact, the so-called "grimace" is the growth of the tree nodules, bumps. Sea yellow due to long growth period, poor growth environment, and more branches, tree texture is twisted, staggered irregular, so "ghost face" "ghost eye" and other patterns more, more abundant. Relatively speaking, the more yellow the texture is mostly more loose, so the more yellow the grimace pattern is monotonous.

Medicinal】 :

qi analgesia】 : drop fragrance, can be dissipated can line, can remove blood stasis, qi, analgesia, can be used to treat abdominal pain, liver depression and hypochondriac pain, chest pain and stinging loss and bruising pain

hemostasis】 : Jiangxiang Xin San is warm and can remove stasis and hemostasis. It is suitable for stasis hemorrhagic syndrome, especially for internal and external hemorrhagic syndrome caused by fall and injury. It is commonly used in surgery. If the treatment of bleeding knife wounds, only use this product grind the end of external application.

stop vomiting】 : depress the fragrance and spicy warm fragrance, the main sexual settlement, can reduce the gas to obscenity, and stop vomiting, used for obscenity internal resistance, vomiting abdominal pain with spleen and stomach discord

Treatment of coronary heart disease】 : Dendroma has the effect of improving microcirculation, significantly increasing coronary artery flow, slowing heart rate, and can reduce plasma viscosity, reduce blood lipids, reduce platelet aggregation, anticoagulation. These effects have a comprehensive therapeutic effect on prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease and cerebral infarction.